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Underground Mine Supervisor Insurance

Obtaining Life Insurance and Income Protection for underground workers should not be difficult.

Unfortunately many Australian insurance companies don't understand enough about the mining industry, and simply put underground workers in the 'too hard basket'.
Here at Underground Insurance we do understand the mining industry, and we know which insurers offer the best cover for all mine workers, including underground mine supervisors.

The personal risk insurances available to underground mine supervisors include the following:

Workers involved in underground operations or handling explosives often run into trouble when searching for decent life insurance. Unfortunately many 'run of the mill' Financial Advisers and Insurance Brokers think that cover isn't available, but we know better!
The good news is that there are at least two major Australian insurance companies who will offer comprehensive Life Insurance and Income Protection to underground miners, and even those who are involved with explosives.
We'd love to mention the names of the insurers here, but under the financial services laws in Australia that would be classed as financial advice, which we can't give in an article like this. Of course if you get in contact with one of our Financial Advisers they will be able more than happy to talk to you and make recommendations about the insurers we use.

Working Underground

Miners working underground, even Supervisors, will find that obtaining Life Insurance and Income Protection can be very difficult. Most insurers will not offer cover, but we know which insurers will offer cover, and we know which insurer suits Supervisors better in terms of coverage and premium.
Whilst the insurers recognise that working as a Mine Supervisor will generally involve less manual work than many of the other workers, many of the hazards of working underground are still relevant.
Obtaining insurance for an underground Mine Supervisor will generally involve paying a higher premium than the average Australian worker, but this is simply as a result of the increased risks that you face every day in your job.

Handling Explosives

Whilst there are still a few insurers who will consider surface and even underground miners, things can get even trickier if you work closely with explosives.
Although modern Australian mines have a fairly good safety record when it comes to explosives, there is always the risk that something could go wrong, and when explosive do go wrong the results can be catastrophic.
This is why Life Insurance, Income Protection and TPD Insurance can be harder to find for workers handling explosives, but given the high risks involved there is all the more reason to have good personal insurance in place.

Getting Covered

If you're an underground Mine Supervisor and want to protect yourself and your family with Life Insurance or other personal covers, your best bet is to deal with an insurance adviser who knows the mining industry and can secure you the right cover at the right price.
Finding the right cover can be frustrating and seem almost impossible if you're trying to do it yourself or using a Financial Adviser who doesn't know the mining industry. Save yourself the hassle and come straight to the experts here at Underground Insurance.

We have a network of insurance experts who can help miners all over Australia. Whether you're in the Bowen Basin or the Pilbara, we can help you.

To obtain a quote on your insurance or to have a chat about your insurance needs simply complete our online quote request.