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Underground Miners Insurance

There are few occupations in Australia that carry the same risks as underground mining.
Australian underground work sites are no doubt a lot safer that many underground mines found in developing countries, but all miners know that disaster can be just around the corner no matter how many precautions they've taken.
Underground miners insurance cannot save you from these risks, but it can certainly help you and your family financially if you were to be injured on the job.

Many mining employers will offer some sort of insurance for their miners, and there's also worker's compensation as a safety net, but more and more underground miners are seeing the benefits of holding their own personal risks insurance.
Just as miners know the risks of underground mining, so do the big life insurance companies in Australia.
Because of this, underground miners insurance can be difficult to obtain, especially when it comes to Life Insurance, Income Protection and TPD insurance.
Whilst most Australian insurance companies don't offer cover for underground miners, there are at least two big insurance companies that will offer full cover.

Due to the financial services laws in Australia we cannot name these two insurance companies, but we can say that they are both very large and reputable insurance companies that have a long history in the Australian market. Both of these companies understand the underground mining industry, and they know the risks that underground miners face every day. Because of this, they have been able to put together life insurance products that not only meet the needs of underground miners, but are also priced appropriately to match the risks that underground miners face on a regular basis.
The policies offered by these companies include Life Insurance, Income Protection, TPD insurance and Trauma Insurance.

If your local financial adviser or insurance broker has told you that you cannot obtain underground miners insurance, then it's time to start using the services of a professional who knows the mining industry.

By using a financial adviser who knows the underground mining insurance industry you will have an adviser who not only knows your industry, but also knows which insurance companies and policies are going to offer the best protection for your particular role, all at a price that suits your budget.

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