Miners Insurance


Miners Insurance

Most Australians will find it very easy to obtain Life Insurance and Income Protection, however for miners, and especially underground miners, it can seem a little more difficult.

The reason for this is that most Financial Advisers and Insurance Brokers in Australia don't understand how the mining industry works and the fact that miners can actually get personal risk insurance.

All too often it happens that a miner contacts an insurance company or a Financial Adviser, only to be told that insurance is not available for their occupation. In some cases, unfortunately the miner takes their word for it and continues with no protection in place.

Miners can get Life Insurance!

Thankfully there are a small number of insurers here in Australia who offer Income Protection, Life Insurance and TPD insurance for miners.
If you work underground or are handling explosives your options will shrink a little, but cover will still be available for you in some form or another. It probably won't be cheap, but when it comes to protecting you and your family, cost should not be driving factor.

Protecting your most important asset

The mining and resources boom has seen plenty of hard working Aussies rewarded with salaries once reserved for professionals and managers.
Although your salary may seem fantastic to an outsider, as a miner you know the sacrifices you make to earn that money. And if you live in the mining community, you will know that rent or mortgage payments, along with other costs of living, will quickly eat into your income.

Your most important asset right now is your ability to earn an income. After all, if you cannot work on the mine for a period of time and run out of sick leave, you will quickly run out of savings and will find yourself in big financial trouble.

Protecting your income is easy with Income Protection Insurance. Regardless of whether you're an underground miner or a surface miner, there is an Income Protection policy that will suit your needs as well as your budget.

Protecting your family

The mining industry has a fairly good safety record compared to some of the developing nations, however we all know too well that accidents can happen. These accidents may involve a broken wrist and a few days off work, however we all know that death is a possibility.
Workers compensation along with any Life Insurance through your superannuation will be a good start, but will it really be enough to financially support your wife and children, and give them the life that they deserve?

Often workers comp and super Life Insurance falls short of our actual needs, so it is important to have a comprehensive miners insurance plan of your own in place. You work hard for your family, so you don't want to let them down when they need you most.

Miners insurance quotes

Here at Underground Insurance we have access to a network of insurance experts who know the mining industry and can find you the right insurance to suit your own unique needs and objectives.

We understand that people don't want to spend a fortune on insurance, so our experts will work with you to tailor a package that suits your needs as well as your budget, whilst using well known Australian insurance companies that you can rely on.

If you already know how much cover you want and you just need the quotes, then we can help you with that to.

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