Here at Underground Insurance we specialise in personal insurance for miners and can help you to get the right cover at the right price. Although Australian mines are generally considered a lot safer than many facilities in developing countries, the mine site is still a dangerous one for workers, and especially for underground workers.

Many insurance companies consider underground mining to be too much of a risk, and as a result they only offer limited cover to mine workers. Many insurers don't offer any cover to underground workers or miners handling explosives.

Unfortunately when some miners visit a financial adviser or insurance broker they are told that they cannot take out a comprehensive insurance package. This is not correct, and in most cases it is simply a case of the so-called insurance expert not knowing enough about the industry.

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What makes us different?

Here at Underground Insurance we specialise in miners insurance, and we know which insurance companies will offer the right cover for your particular role on the mine.

At the time of writing there are only two major Australian insurers who offer comprehensive life insurance and income protection packages for underground miners. We know who they are, and our network of advisers have good relationships with these insurers to help in securing the best value cover for you and your family.

What covers are available?

The main types of cover available for miners are Life Insurance, Income Protection, Trauma Insurance and TPD insurance. 

You will find more information on each type of cover on our website, but essentially Life Insurance will cover you if you die, Income Protection will cover you if you cannot work for a period of time, Trauma Insurance will cover you if you suffer a critical illness, and TPD insurance will cover you if you suffer an injury or illness that leaves you unable to work ever again.

Miner's insurance quote

If you work in the mining industry and would like a quote on your personal risk insurance, please give us a call or complete our simple online quote request.

By requesting a quote you will be put in contact with one of our network of insurance experts who know the mining industry and will be able to get the best quotes available for you.


To obtain a quote on your miners insurance simply complete our online quote request.

“I couldn’t get insurance anywhere because of my hazardous mining occupation. That was until I contacted Underground Insurance. Underground Insurance gave me quotes straight away and made it so easy of me to get covered”. 

Steve P, Underground Miner