Life Insurance - Underground Miners


Life Insurance - Underground Miners

Life Insurance will pay a lump sum amount to your family and loved ones if you die or are diagnosed with a terminal illness.
Underground mine workers can sometimes find it difficult to obtain decent Life Insurance, however here at Underground Insurance we know the industry well and can find the right cover for you at a price that suits your budget.


How much life Insurance do you need?

The answer to this question depends on your own needs and objectives. Some miners will want sufficient insurance to cover their mortgage and any other debts, along with an amount large enough to provide an ongoing income for many years.

Others may opt for a small amount, depending on the amount they are willing to spend on insurance premiums. The most important part is to have sufficient cover to ensure your family are going to be looked after in the short term, and preferably in the long term as well.

An important factor for miners living in remote mining communities is to consider what their family would do in the event of their death. Would they stay in the local community, or would they move back to the city? These factors need to be taken into account when calculating the amount of Life Insurance required for a miner.

Want to use our calculator to determine how much insurance is right for you?

Choosing a miners Life Insurance policy

Life Insurance can be tricky to obtain for underground miners. Many insurers will not offer cover for an underground miner, but here at Underground Insurance we know which insurers can help and which will offer the best value premiums.

For a free quote on your Life Insurance please complete our online quote request, or simply get in touch with us for an obligation free chat with one of our experts.

To obtain a quote on your miners insurance simply complete our online quote request.

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