Life Insurance - Surface Miners


Life Insurance - Surface Miners

Life Insurance for Surface Miners is much easier to obtain then for Underground Miners. The risks as assessed by the insurers are much lower and therefore there are more insurance providers in the market who offer this type of cover. But with choice comes a greater need to assess the different product and premium options.

Not only is it important to establish the amount of cover you would like to insure yourself for, you also need to decide and estimate how long you might want to keep the insurance for.

When reviewing your life insurance needs consider how life events will unfold and where you would like to be financially in 5, 10, 20, 30 years and if you feel you will still need the insurance over these periods of time.

Want to use our calculator to determine how much insurance is right for you?

We highly recommend you speak with one of our highly trained insurance specialists to assess your current and future Life Insurance needs by requesting a quote online. Even if you are unsure of how much cover you require simply provide a guesstimate and we are more than happy to help you refine the right cover for you.

To obtain a quote on your miners insurance simply complete our online quote request.

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