Income Protection - Underground Miners


Income Protection Insurance - Underground Miners

Working underground at the mine can be a physically demanding job, and it doesn't take much of an issue to rule you out from being able to work for a period of time.
A brief absence from work can generally be covered by your sick leave, but what if you cannot work for a few months, a few years, or ever again? If your ability to work is taken away due to injury or illness, the financial consequences can be extremely damaging for you and your family.

Thankfully Income Protection can step in to cover your income requirements when you cannot work.

How Income Protection works

Income Protection covers up to 75% of your income if you cannot work due to injury or illness. You will start receiving your benefits once the waiting period has ended, and will continue to receive the monthly benefit until the benefit period ends or until you are able to return to work, whichever is sooner.

Both the waiting period and benefit period are chosen by you when taking out the policy. The waiting period most commonly chosen is 30 days, however you can take a shorter or longer waiting period if you choose.

The benefit periods available depend on the insurer, but generally you can choose a period of 2 or 5 years, or you can opt to receive benefits until you reach age 65.

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Choosing an Income Protection policy for an underground miner

When it comes to underground miners, there are some insurers who offer no cover at all, some that offer limited cover, and a select few who have a good understanding of the mining industry and are willing to offer comprehensive Income Protection insurers to underground miners.
Some insurance companies will limit the benefit periods available to underground miners. For some roles that they consider higher risk they may limit the benefit period to five years, and in some cases perhaps just two years.
The cover offered by insurance companies to underground miners can vary dramatically, and the pricing can also differ greatly depending on which insurer you go with.

Here at Underground Insurance we know which insurers offer the best terms for the different roles within the mines, and we will be able to help you in obtaining the best Income Protection insurance to suit you at the best price available.

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